Why Do Real Estate Agents Struggle To Build Their Business?

Discover the Power of Your Sphere!

WHY do you need Winning Lead Strategies?

Have you ever wondered why real estate agents face challenges in growing their business? It's not about your sphere; it's about recognizing who's in it. Let's break down the barriers and explore how you can turn every connection into a potential opportunity.


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  • The first is - not everyone is comfortable with "hitting up" their friends for a sale. So, they drastically limit themselves on who they reach out to.

  • The second issue is - many real estate agents don't think they have a sphere, or large enough sphere to work with.​

    Both of these problems cause way too much undue stress.

The problem isn't your sphere!!

The problem is you don't recognize who your sphere is.

Your sphere is EVERYONE who is in your life. That means EVERYONE!

That creates a long list when you think about it. I'm not just talking about immediate family, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends.

It's deeper than that. Clubs, organizations you belong to, church, yes even the server that just waited on you last night when you had dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Your Guide to Opportunities:

That's your sphere - everyone around you. Even the people you are standing in line with at an event. Everyone is in your sphere.

You just have to meet them once to be associated with them.

Now I know it sounds easier than it looks. Most things do, but really it's not.

The difficult part is figuring out where your sphere exists.

That's why I put together this simple FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES LIST.

​No, it's not a list of people to contact. It's a list of opportunities.

This FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES LIST should be given to every real estate agent when they come into the business and even more importantly, every agent who feels they have become stagnant in the business.

When you get in that spot in the business when you feel everything stopped, you need a trigger. That's what this FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES LIST will do - trigger your thoughts on how to build your sphere.

Where are all these people hiding that buy and sell homes?

​I'll tell you - they are on the FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES LIST.

  • ​​Don't miss an opportunity for a sale because you didn't think of a networking group you belong to.

  • ​Don't miss an opportunity for a sale because you didn't think about past events you attended.

  • ​Don't miss an opportunity for a sale because YOU DON'T HAVE A TRIGGER TO HELP YOU BUILD YOUR SHPERE.

This FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES guide is simply that - FREE

You won't find a less expensive way to build your sphere and thus build your business.

The FREE WINNING LEAD STRATEGIES guide is a simple PDF you can keep close for quick reference.

Print it out - keep it close - reference to it daily.

Something this simple can change how your business is growing. Many times we just need that trigger, just that one place we didn't think about where our clients are hiding.


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